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  • On Wed, 25 Feb 2015, 1:39pm PST in Ron Paul racist rant, tovarichpeter said:

    U.S. Population 300000000
    Food Stamps 45000000

    % of population
    White 78
    Black 12

    Population (real number)
    White 234000000
    Black 36000000

    % of Food stamp recipients by Race
    White 59
    Black 28

    population on food stamps (real number)
    White 26550000
    Black 12600000

    percentage of race on food stamps
    White 11.35%
    Black 35.00%

    The U.S. Population for 2011 was 300 million.
    The percentage of Americans receiving food stamps was 45 million.
    28% of Food stamp recipients are Black. 59% of Food Stamp recipients are white.
    The above chart shows the percentage of each race receiving food stamps based on these numbers.

    tovarichpeter asks:
    So what are the stats that comparing the relative percentage of blacks versus white in the military and specifically who have been in combat?

  • On Tue, 24 Feb 2015, 8:36pm PST in San Mateo County Manager recommends Rent Control, tovarichpeter said:

    "When you have rent control the rental supply starts shrinking and you end up with a shortage"

    Ah, we don't have rent control and the rental supply has shrunk and we have a worsening shortage.

  • On Tue, 24 Feb 2015, 1:26pm PST in San Mateo County Manager recommends Rent Control, tovarichpeter said:

    Long overdue. Tell San Mateo you support Rent Control

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