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  • On Wed, 25 Nov 2015, 8:51pm PST in Obozo won't attack ISIS oil wells because of global warming??, Patrick said:

    amazing. it's almost like the saudis want funding for isis to continue, and the US gov't is just taking orders from the saudis.

  • On Wed, 25 Nov 2015, 8:47pm PST in Sam Harris: It sucks to sound like a Reactionary, Patrick said:

    marcus says

    It's because talking about it ... is not the answer.

    wrong. talking about it out loud is exactly the right answer. anything else is literally tacit approval of murder.

    marcus says

    It's because ... raising fear and hate among non-Muslims is not the answer.

    sort-of right. we should all be very disturbed by the centrality of violence in islam, and speak about it openly, but hating muslims is wrong. they are just people trapped in a very violent ideology, and deserve some sympathy on that account. they themselves are in danger if they attempt to get out.

  • On Wed, 25 Nov 2015, 4:37pm PST in Please write the White House, Patrick said:

    ja says

    Perhaps it's not that expensive/difficult to make better personality judgement than looking only at religion. I bet you a penny that walking for weeks with their little children hardly eating or resting is a better predictor or personality than the basic religion teachings of the country you were born in.

    sure, most of them are probably fine people, but islam is simply the opposite of western values. note that they walked for weeks directly towards the greatest money and not simply to safety.

    why not help them in turkey, where they are very close to their home and can go back when the war is over? what is your goal in bringing them here?

    $16,000 per person will go much further in turkey, especially eastern turkey refugee camps, than it will here. this will also help weed out the charlatans that are not refugees at all but simply joined the epic stream of people toward money as soon as they noticed that the borders were open.

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