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Florida, you have competition again
By Ceffer in Misc in Berkeley CA 94720   10 comments, latest 3 minutes ago:
CL says Ceffer says lostand confused says Nah this is Cali crazy. FL crazy seems to about killings and eating face-literally. That's a relief. Drinking accumulated menstrual blood and sperm sealed in a bottle for...

Does marijuana cause psychosis?
By tovarichpeter in Misc in South San Francisco CA 94080   7 comments, latest 10 minutes ago:
CL says As a conservative, I think that these "scientists" are just trying to scare you and get their grant money. Science is only science when the science agrees with my worldview. Of course, I...

Donald Trump Says Ebola Doctors 'Must Suffer The Consequences
By marcus in Misc   4 comments, latest 56 minutes ago:
APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says Superglue his asshole shut and feed him rancid clams.

Instead of QE, the Fed Could Have Given $56,000 to Every Household in America
By Call it Crazy in Economics   104 comments, latest 1 hour ago:
bob2356 says Reality says Do you not realize that the size of an industry/market is measured by its revenue? i.e. total sales? Profit is what investors take out, not revenue. I thought the discussion was...

My first real estate bear thread (ever)
By iwog in RealEstate in Lafayette CA 94549   311 comments, latest 2 hours ago:
Smallblock57 says Iwog: Question for ya...................due to the fact that you bought your properties during a time period that will probably go down in history as one of the best buying opportunities in real estate...

This Is Why Occupy Is Greater Than the Tea Party
By bgamall4 in Politics in Las Vegas NV 89117   33 comments, latest 4 hours ago:
bgamall4 says So, argue the issues, Dodgerfan. If you don't I will put you on ignore. Just do the right thing.

Living in a Fool's Paradise
By myob in RealEstate in Mountain View CA 94040   9 comments, latest 5 hours ago:
dodgerfanjohn says Peter P says retire59 says The increase in crime and over priced cost living is so out of hand. Crime is an issue. Collectively, the city tends to think that criminals are victims....

Where the jobs will be: Non-degreed health workers
By tvgnus in Misc   14 comments, latest 6 hours ago:
Oilwelldoctor says elliemae says FYI, the "Bed pan changers" you appear to view with disdain are providing personal care to people in need. They work very hard, are paid shit wages (no pun intended) and...

Distrustful Africans slaughter Ebola aid workers and dump their bodies in shit
By lakermania in Misc   38 comments, latest 8 hours ago:
Ceffer says Everybody needs a unified field theory of fault. It's just too distressing and complicated to juggle multiple loci of fault. It's all Patnet's fault.

Joel Kotkin's new book fingers Silicon Valley as the new elite.
By gsr in Economics in Issaquah WA 98075   7 comments, latest 8 hours ago:
Ceffer says Sounds like the paranoid paradigm meme for the new millenium.

Exponential: Ebola Cases Now Double Every 3 Weeks; CDC Warns As Many As Half A M
By indigenous in Misc   77 comments, latest 8 hours ago:
Ceffer says When it comes to diseases, geometric is bad enough. Exponential means the entire galaxy will have Ebola soon. Gatlings and flame throwers will keep the progression linear.

Man shot by police did not try to grab cops gun
By tovarichpeter in Misc in South San Francisco CA 94080   12 comments, latest 9 hours ago:
bgamall4 says Strategist says lostand confused says Well, this country arrests more people than any nation on earth. Why is that bad? Criminals should be arrested. Well, the real criminals at the top are not...

Ebola Worst-Case Scenario Has More Than 500,000 Cases
By Call it Crazy in Misc   12 comments, latest 9 hours ago:
Daves not here says What are the symptoms? Distrust in government one?

The class war is widening on airplanes
By tovarichpeter in Misc in South San Francisco CA 94080   103 comments, latest 10 hours ago:
APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says What airlines really need is a Caligulan Class.

Goldman's Former Head Of Housing Research Predicts Housing Crash, Recession Wit
By Bubbabear in RealEstate   3 comments, latest 10 hours ago:
APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says That and ebola outbreak killing 20-100 million or so should straighten the shithouse housing market the fuck out.

Are there any GM cars that haven't been recalled?
By Call it Crazy in Politics   84 comments, latest 10 hours ago:
Call it Crazy says GM recalls 221,000 cars over braking problem NEW YORK (MarketWatch) -- General Motors Co. announced a recall of 221,000 new cars worldwide over a fault with braking that could cause excessive...

Big Govt. Socialist Republicans
By HEY YOU in Economics   8 comments, latest 11 hours ago:
Call it Crazy says sbh says Is there an app that translates this into English? No, there's another reason why you don't understand it: *

Obama signs order to fight superbugs
By CaptainShuddup in Healthcare   28 comments, latest 12 hours ago:
lostand confused says He did lie about NSA. He lied. Look if you can't get the job done-then maybe he should step aside and go back to teaching wide eyed young students. Fool got bipartisan...

nVidia release 900 series!
By Bellingham Bill in Misc in Bellingham WA 98226   15 comments, latest 12 hours ago:
New Renter says Bellingham Bill says New Renter says GTX 750Ti that's the same "Maxwell" generation as the 900 series (oddly, nVidia skipped the 800 series this numerical go-around) Yep. I don't need the latest...

John Boenner's Theory of the Leisure Class
By tovarichpeter in Misc in South San Francisco CA 94080   posted 12 hours ago:

The big right-wing housing bubble lie - OC Housing News

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