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Are Americans deferential to cops??
By lostand confused in Misc   17 comments, latest 2 minutes ago:
HEY YOU says indigenous says APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says Tell him about the CRA death meme! That always shuts them up! That would be waste of time, as are all facts to libtards. I know the indisputable...

'He wanted to kill': Michael Brown's mother insists Ferguson cop Darren Wilso
By Strategist in Misc   34 comments, latest 9 minutes ago:
HEY YOU says Strategist says HEY YOU says There's no way Wilson could have known that firing multiple shots at Brown would kill him. Fucking Killer! He could have chosen to call for back up...

Darren Wilson Lied Saying Brown Ran 20-30 Feet from Car. Found 150 Feet Away
By bgamall4 in Politics in Las Vegas NV 89117   45 comments, latest 21 minutes ago:
Strategist says bgamall4 says Strategist says deepcgi says Why is any of this about the color of skin? Couldn't it be just as easily about height or weight? It is about height and weight to...

How Can I Celebrate Thanksgiving?
By Robber Baron Elite Scum in Misc in Roslyn NY 11576   21 comments, latest 38 minutes ago:
HydroCabron says I hope all of you can find a congressman to cook and eat. Nothing like a glass of warm human blood drained from a freshly-killed representative; the family all together by the fire,...

Oil falls as OPEC opts not to cut production - $68 per barrel
By Strategist in Economics   8 comments, latest 1 hour ago:
Blurtman says This is bullish for the economy. Dow 20,000?

Could someone be lying?
By HEY YOU in Misc   42 comments, latest 1 hour ago:
bgamall4 says I read testimony and Wilson said that Brown attacked the police car. If Wilson was far from the police car, closer to where Brown dropped, he would have said Brown attacked him, not...

"Neutrality" Gone Mad: Should GM Have to Promote Toyota?
By Mish in Economics   2 comments, latest 1 hour ago:
Strategist says Mish says Should GM Have to Promote Toyota? For the good of the people...Yes.

Future Fed Chairman Arraigned in Boston.
By Blurtman in Misc   1 comment, latest 3 hours ago:
Ceffer says I didn't know Harvard issued real estate licenses.

Benjamin Watson's Ferguson post on Facebook goes viral
By gsr in Politics   posted 3 hours ago:
From: http://www.khq.com/story/27489 Benjamin Watson who plays for the New Orleans Saints posted the following on his Facebook page and it has since gone viral: "At some point while I was playing or preparing to play...

Citibank Issues Full Attack on Gold as Save Our Swiss Gold Vote Nears
By smaulgld in PreciousMetals   10 comments, latest 4 hours ago:
smaulgld says indigenous says There ya go... piling on! The Swiss National Bank was prohibited from campaigning so they held many interviews with the major media out lets and get assists like this Citibank report.

Rockwool vs. EPS
By thunderlips11 in RealEstate   1 comment, latest 4 hours ago:
New Renter says Good question! Here is a guy who prefers rockwool and avoid EPS. There is some debate on the issue with other solutions discussed. http://www2.buildinggreen.com/ While you have the insulation out you might...

Should unaffordable housing be a government policy?
By golfplan18 in RealEstate in Irvine CA 92620   2 comments, latest 5 hours ago:
CaptainShuddup says It has less to do with selling houses, and more to do with justifying practically giving away houses that they couldn't sell at inflated prices to investment companies. I think the archaic word...

Harvard Discriminating against Asians
By thunderlips11 in Misc   1 comment, latest 5 hours ago:
Blurtman says A few decades back, parents of white students in San Francisco complained about the higher standards placed on white students to gain admission into the choice magnet schools in the city. They were...

Noted theoretical physicist says God caused big bang
By tovarichpeter in SciTech in South San Francisco CA 94080   38 comments, latest 6 hours ago:
P N Dr Lo R says indigenous says the flying spaghetti monster It makes you wonder why athetists settle for something so unappealing (besides being messy) and third rate when they could have the real...

Why do lenders and politicians promote HELOC abuse?
By golfplan18 in RealEstate in Irvine CA 92620   2 comments, latest 6 hours ago:
bubblesitter says Who doesn't need slaves?

Local law enforcement just doesn't work
By tovarichpeter in Misc in South San Francisco CA 94080   10 comments, latest 6 hours ago:
Call it Crazy says thunderlips11 says Call it Crazy says I also lived outside of Richmond, VA in the late 90's and my area was covered by county cops. If you called for a 911...

Xenophobia at epidemic levels in russia
By dublin hillz in Politics in Dublin CA 94568   20 comments, latest 6 hours ago:
thunderlips11 says Straw Man says Dude, what are you smoking? No country, except Russia, Tuvalu and (maybe) Nauru has agreed with what you claim above. You can type gigabytes of text claiming otherwise, but the...

Dow Jones Industrial Average - Elliott Wave update for week ending 11/21/2014
By darlag in Economics   6 comments, latest 7 hours ago:
indigenous says Bubbabear says We've reached peak QE, any fool can extrapulate from this equation that asset deflation is underway That video would seem to overstate the world debt by pointing out derivative debt, which...

Wilson should sue to bankrupt the times.
By CaptainShuddup in Misc   2 comments, latest 7 hours ago:
Strategist says CaptainShuddup says The New York Times, whether consciously or not, has just endangered Darren Wilson’s life. The New York Times wants Wilson dead. Wilson has a case.

"We should get comfortable with sporadic muggings and break-ins"
By Straw Man in Politics   9 comments, latest 7 hours ago:
Quigley says "Everyone is wonderful, even if some are misunderstood and need our support and love and understanding . . . " "Ouch! Where did that rock come from?" "Ooh, my head..."

Should unaffordable housing be a government policy?

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