10 Reasons It's A Terrible Time To Buy An Expensive House


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Yip yep yap
By CaptainShuddup in Politics   11 comments, latest 2 minutes ago:
CaptainShuddup says It's always a homework and fools errands with you.

The modern women can no longer cook, they no longer want children and...
By The Original Bankster in Misc in Phoenix AZ 85007   325 comments, latest 2 minutes ago:
Bellingham Bill says iwog says choice between carrying a child for 9 months and giving up a huge chunk of his/her wages for 18 years I recently read the reason Japan's baby boom stopped in...

There you go... June New Home Sales (DOWN 8.1%)
By Call it Crazy in RealEstate   59 comments, latest 5 minutes ago:
Call it Crazy says Heraclitusstudent says Strategist says Income $140,000 Down payment 5% His credit score 780. Hers 570. Loan declined. You didn't say for how much was the loan and personally I think 20%...

there you go...june existing home sales
By SubOink in RealEstate in Los Angeles CA 90077   116 comments, latest 10 minutes ago:
Call it Crazy says Logan, I don't know why you're wasting your time with him. You've explained it six ways to christmas but he still doesn't get it. As you've noticed, he has his own...

A Bad Boss tax
By tovarichpeter in Misc in South San Francisco CA 94080   posted 23 minutes ago:
http://billmoyers.com/2014/07/ Can you name the worst job youve ever had? For Cliff Martin, thats not an easy question. All three of his current jobs — delivering newspapers, delivering magazines and working as a janitor —...

Ukraine Government Breaks Up: PM Resigns Over "Vital Laws on Energy and Finance
By Mish in Economics   4 comments, latest 35 minutes ago:
lostand confused says I wonder what is going to happen-the instability may actually force the split of the east and back to Russia?

Obama hides this ... Will Putin unhide it?
By ttsmyf in Politics   4 comments, latest 39 minutes ago:
ttsmyf says Rew, Speaking of "pandering", would you care to assess it here: http://occupywallst.org/forum/

Fox "News" is an unhealthy (and ignorant) lifestyle
By curious2 in Politics   16 comments, latest 2 hours ago:
curious2 says Call it Crazy says iwog says Where was the study debunked again? Why would you even claim such a thing without even citing the source?? Google is your best friend.... (Notice this was...

Obama calls Bubba for help.
By CaptainShuddup in Politics   2 comments, latest 2 hours ago:
ttsmyf says On 3/30/1999, this appeared in the Wall Street Journal and Bill Clinton was President for 22 months more, and was silent on it. Here is the "Dow, Inflation Adjusted" up to date and...

Example of sustained right wing propaganda screwing up the country
By iwog in Politics in Lafayette CA 94549   38 comments, latest 3 hours ago:
iwog says indigenous says which is determined through comparative advantage. Comparative advantage is a steaming pile of bullshit with the only actual "advantage" being how badly you can exploit the local population, or in some...

Junk Bond Indigestion; Musical Chairs; Take Chips Off the Table?
By Mish in Economics   posted 4 hours ago:
Junk Bond Indigestion; Musical Chairs; Take Chips Off the Table? http://globaleconomicanalysis. Mish

Appraisal To Remove PMI...
By BoomAndBustCycle in Misc   4 comments, latest 4 hours ago:
Call it Crazy says errc says I wouldn't be afraid of preparing some info for the appraiser. I agree... I would pull some past sold comps yourself that you want the appraiser to look at...

Gay is an unhealthy lifestyle.
By CaptainShuddup in Politics   65 comments, latest 4 hours ago:
Call it Crazy says Rew says I think by reading the ridiculousness that Capn' just posted, my purpose here would be plainly evident. Yeah, but that's just another day of his ridiculous rants on Patnet......

A warning on underwater mortgages
By tovarichpeter in RealEstate in South San Francisco CA 94080   posted 4 hours ago:
http://www.bloombergview.com/a According to RealtyTrac's data, 9.1 million U.S. residential properties were seriously underwater." Mortgages that are "seriously underwater" exceed a property's value by at least 25 percent. They also account for 17.2 percent of all...

As Airlines Bail on Israel, CNN and Israeli Leaders Look Angry and Betrayed.
By bgamall4 in Politics in Las Vegas NV 89117   20 comments, latest 5 hours ago:
bgamall4 says thunderlips11 says zzyzzx says "They elected terrorists to run their country." I agree. Menachim Begin killed a lot of civilians when he ran Irgun. Immigration officers, waiters, bellhops, tourists at the King David...

Dutch Safety Board: DPR gave us intact, untampered Black Boxes of MH17
By thunderlips11 in Misc   posted 5 hours ago:
The international investigation team has conducted a thorough examination of the Flight Data Recorder. The Flight Data Recorder was slightly damaged but the memory module was intact. Furthermore, no evidence or indications of manipulation...

Research: Car owners benefit from start-stop technology
By tvgnus in SciTech   11 comments, latest 5 hours ago:
EBGuy says Do any of you guys work for a belt manufacturer? Parasitic losses for everyone.

No welfare for permanent foreign residents in Japan
By BayAreaObserver in Politics   7 comments, latest 6 hours ago:
Bigsby says zzyzzx says tovarichpeter says Japan's problem is emigration. Many times more people (mostly young Japanese) leave Japan each year than move to it. Japan is way overcrowded. Many people can still leave each...

Florida man demands right to wed computer
By zzyzzx in Marriage in Baltimore MD 21230   23 comments, latest 6 hours ago:
Heraclitusstudent says Steve Jobs removed the floppy drive for a reason.

Consolidation and Monopolization in Online Real Estate Data
By The Original Bankster in Misc in Phoenix AZ 85007   1 comment, latest 6 hours ago:
CaptainShuddup says I'm so lucky I bought back in 2010, when they are an honest research tool with out even knowing it. Back then just using common sense, and reading the actual home descriptions, looking...

Owner-occupant sales stall while distressed sales plummet

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