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My take on the soft existing home sales numbers today
By Logan Mohtashami in Irvine CA 92603   239 comments, latest 10 minutes ago:
iwog says I also noticed that another inflection point on your graph is late 2010. As you can see on my chart, that is almost entirely due to a temporary flattening of monetary growth in...

Corrupted Capitalism and the Housing Crisis
By hrhjuliet  103 comments, latest 19 minutes ago:
sbh says indigenous says The government bailed out the TBTFs, they stole from the taxpayer, they crippled the economy. The did not fail they committed criminal acts The government suspended mark to market and prevented...

After foreclosure crisis, renters suffer under Wall Street landlords
By SoerenWhoForgotHisPassword  4 comments, latest 25 minutes ago:
CaptainShuddup says "No That will never happen! Banks aren't in the landlord business, you don't know how finances work." - Iwog after I asked in 2008... "What if the banks never put the houses back...

Cool Tiny House in Sebastopol
By Vicente in Davis CA 95616   1 comment, latest 27 minutes ago:
CaptainShuddup says It looks like a construction trailer furnished by Ikeelya.

Statue of a homeless Jesus
By tovarichpeter in South San Francisco CA 94080   1 comment, latest 30 minutes ago:
CaptainShuddup says tovarichpeter says St. Alban's Episcopal Church installed the homeless Jesus statue on its property in the middle of an upscale neighborhood filled with well-kept townhomes. I should send these guys a donation.

Money has corrupted us. We no longer understand what it's worth
By hrhjuliet  27 comments, latest 46 minutes ago:
mmmarvel says hrhjuliet says I really wish more people on would comment on the article. It's the simple issue of money versus value. What is witnessing the the first basket made by my child...

Should The Stock and Real Estate Markets Drive The Economy?
By smaulgld  5 comments, latest 2 hours ago:
bob2356 says APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says porn. It's damn good porn.

Developing Tiny house communities
By tovarichpeter in South San Francisco CA 94080   11 comments, latest 9 hours ago:
Ceffer says Every goddam tiny house article looks like a sales brochure. As soon as they make enough money marketing tiny houses, they figure they will just buy themselves a real house and leave the...

Five groups that lie about the housing market
By Tim Aurora  47 comments, latest 15 hours ago:
swebb says CDon says I got to say, it is nice seeing some people step up and take some measure of accountability about how wrongheaded this site has been for a while now. Unfortunately, it...

The Housing Recovery That Never Was is Over
By smaulgld  93 comments, latest 17 hours ago:
smaulgld says bg1 says Fun to see the answers posted. I will read about multi unit home builders :-) I am doing some research on the DOW vs gold and silver since 1974 -will post...

Can someone explain what's going on with this listing?
By CaffeineAddict  posted 18 hours ago: It keeps getting relisted for rent, then sell higher, over and over? 01/28/14 Listed for sale $4,200 -99.4% I'm guessing this was mislisted as sale for 4200 when they meant rent for 4200/month. Didn't...

The kilometer high club
By JH in Fullerton CA 92833   2 comments, latest 22 hours ago:
Strategist says indigenous says Yup China is going to auger. Seems strange that Saudi Arabia will, but with peak oil changing and all... One of the factors is that the technology has to be invented,...

Housing Bubble 2.0 Veers Elegantly Toward Housing Bust 2.0
By Bubbabear  7 comments, latest 23 hours ago:
Bubbabear says iwog says smaulgld says inventories skyrocketed: up 41.9% in Phoenix, 28.9% in Ventura, 25.7% in Riverside, 24.8% in Los Angeles, 23.1% in Sacramento, 21.3% in San Diego. Prices continue to rise in every...

Sq ft 84 - Possessions 305
By tovarichpeter in South San Francisco CA 94080   6 comments, latest 1 day ago:
P N Dr Lo R says JH says P N Dr Lo R says She has to be a Democrat. Yes complete fucking hippie. Well you said it.

$3 million cash required to purchase a $1 million apartment?!?
By JH in Fullerton CA 92833   3 comments, latest 1 day ago:
HEY YOU says If buyers aren't willing to pay $3 million for this dump the housing market is going to collapse.

Redfin: Housing Market Soft in March, Price Growth Slowing, Sales Down
By Call it Crazy  5 comments, latest 1 day ago:
hanera says exfatguy says You can lose it all in the stock market, but you'll always at least have the house. Go for index fund.

CME futures point to more housing price gains
By toothfairy in Oakland CA 94610   1 comment, latest 1 day ago:
E-man says That's not possible. Home prices are on the verge of collapsing. I heard it on Patnet since 1998.

McMansions are a major cause of our economic problems
By tovarichpeter in South San Francisco CA 94080   29 comments, latest 1 day ago:
P N Dr Lo R says unclemat says A majority of houses built between 1850s and late 1930s, especially middle and upper middle class, houses - are magnificent Again, absolutely right! I love to drive...

Frustrated house shopper takes revenge on new homeowner
By golfplan18 in Irvine CA 92620   3 comments, latest 1 day ago:
P N Dr Lo R says Well this is after all California, what else did you expect?

Voters open to tweaking prop 13
By tovarichpeter in South San Francisco CA 94080   12 comments, latest 1 day ago:
Facebooksux says Zakrajshek says 13 has some good points, mainly that a house owner knows what his taxes will be in the future, and that they will be reasonable. But there are some unintended side...

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