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Angry Facebook parents go insane debating fate of kid who tore up his allowance
By BayAreaObserver   17 comments, latest 8 minutes ago:
Dan8267 says FortWayne says Corporal punishment works very well for kids like that Given how you turned out, I doubt it. Corporal punishment teaches only one thing: might is right. It's lazy parenting.

CA Water petition
By FortWayne   7 comments, latest 12 minutes ago:
sbh says Strategist says What the hell is wrong with Governor Brown. He's behaving like a Republican: subsidizing business.

A "revolution in cancer treatment"
By tovarichpeter   2 comments, latest 25 minutes ago:
sbh says Immune-therapy is the future of cancer treatment. How's your brother doing, Tov?

Extra wide chair unveiled for overweight airline passengers
By zzyzzx   43 comments, latest 57 minutes ago:
sbh says Jealous? Nobody but a life-long loser like you would say such an impotent thing. Look around on this website that is your sole constitution. No one but you is so desperate that they...

The myth of police reform
By tovarichpeter   2 comments, latest 1 hour ago:
HydroCabron says The proper questions in any police shooting: 1) What did the suspect do which caused the officer to behave like an insane homicidal maniac? 2) What are the proper statements to use to...

Five worst airlines in U.S.
By tovarichpeter   posted 1 hour ago:
http://fortune.com/2015/04/13/ U.S. Department of Transportation. The four criteria used to evaluate each airlines ranking are on-time performance, mishandled baggage reports, customer complaints and involuntarily denied boardings, known to long-suffering travelers as getting bumped. Virgin America...

The Hero Rats that save lives
By tovarichpeter   posted 1 hour ago:

Some Jews in Israel Still Believe They Live in Exile!
By bgamall4   2 comments, latest 1 hour ago:
bgamall4 says Strategist says I don't see how anyone who can freely stay or leave be in exile. The exile is a religious exile, waiting for the coming Messiah. Zionism did not fulfill the establishment...

Silicon Valley tech boom is not a bubble
By tovarichpeter   posted 2 hours ago:
http://www.mercurynews.com/bus Silicon Valley's tech cup runneth over. Job growth is humming, coders are being lionized on HBO, Uber and its shared-economy cohorts are on fire, disrupted innovation is unfolding on every corner. And everyone from...

Kim Jong Un climbs Mt Paektu, obtains mental pabulum-greater than nuclear bombs!
By lostand confused   posted 2 hours ago:
http://news.yahoo.com/kim-jong North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has scaled the country's highest mountain, state-run media said on Sunday, arriving at the summit to tell troops that the hike provides mental energy more powerful than nuclear weapons.

Darkest Example of Globalist Evil Could Have Been JFK's Assassination by LBJ
By bgamall4   posted 3 hours ago:
http://www.examplesofglobaliza We are ruled by the globalists. Our last truly sovereign president was JFK. LBJ put an end to that: Watch it all and realize LBJ called JFK the Irish Mafia. LBJ's aunt Jessie Johnson...

The North End, Boston is electric!
By Blurtman   18 comments, latest 3 hours ago:
bgamall4 says SoftShell says SoftShell says the only NorCal place I would like to live in is Carmel Valley It is just warmer than most places in the bay area. I suppose there are others.

Feminazis worst nightmare-31yr self made female billionaire
By lostand confused   7 comments, latest 3 hours ago:
Quigley says No, the greatest incentive to man is immortality. Everyone pursues this in some way, even if only through their descendants. Others want to make their mark on the world in an attempt to...

Guess where 27.5% of your Tax Bill is Spent, you might be surprised what's #1
By Call it Crazy   49 comments, latest 4 hours ago:
Call it Crazy says Bob?

Whistling and Laughing at Disney? Terrorist, sez TSA Trainers
By thunderlips11   2 comments, latest 4 hours ago:
CaptainShuddup says Then we can shoot em Pa? NO! First you gots to wait until they are whisteling and laughing so much theys plum tuckered out and start yawning. Then you can be sure theys...

FBI admits Hair Analysis was junk science
By tovarichpeter   1 comment, latest 4 hours ago:
CaptainShuddup says Employer: Are you willing to give a hair sample? Me: Yeah if you pull it from between your teeth.

"Philanthropist" brothers evaded $2 billion in taxes
By tovarichpeter   1 comment, latest 10 hours ago:
Bellingham Bill says The 'Philanthropist' label is kinda funny, yes. Grift for $10B, kick back 1% to charity and you're a world-class 'philanthropist'. What a racket. Bill Gates is the poster boy for this of...

Qatar and Saudi Arabia backed ISIS
By thunderlips11   8 comments, latest 14 hours ago:
Strategist says Patrick says no, they are just trying to spread the religion of peace. I can hardly wait to join the religion of peace.

State semi-finalizes water cutbacks
By tvgnus   6 comments, latest 15 hours ago:
Strategist says Call it Crazy says lostand confused says Will house prices rise another 35%?? Just this month alone!! I like your thinking. It's good to know people value the weather. We could always bathe...

Ten notorious tax cheats
By tovarichpeter   posted 15 hours ago:
http://www.forbes.com/sites/ke Years ago, I found myself sitting in law school in Moot Court wearing an oversized itchy blue suit. It was a horrible experience. In a desperate attempt to avoid anything like that in the...

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